Analysing My Photographic Journey 2 – Tiger Portrait

Details: Taken Feb 17 2007 with my Canon S3IS Camera, JPG image file.

Composition Notes:   Taken at the new tiger enclosure at Orana Park, this is the only time I have seen them in the front section facing the viewing gallery.  I was just trying to get a nice face shot.

Technical Notes: The S3IS is a point and shoot bridge camera ie it has only one lens. Its probably around midday, so the light is strong and overhead.  Cat is about 5-6m away from the camera, I was able to steady myself while hand holding.  Camera shot and response speed is very slow.

General Notes: I was impressed how well this turned out, given the distance between the subject and the camera.  This is one of my most popular images in my Flickr gallery with over 250 views and many comments.

Whats Wrong With It?

Its very overexposed, and a completely unprocessed JPG file. Fairly  heavily cropped as the background was very messy. It is quite sharp as I had my arms on the barrier, using it to steady the shot, and a fast shutterspeed due to the brightness.

What I would do differently now?

My current kit includes a 70-200MM F4 IS lens, so I have the flexibility to shoot much closer, and faster.  I would have been able to get a better expression on the cats face, due to the overall speed of my current kit.

Could I do better now?

Annoyingly, I have never seen the tigers in this part of the enclosure since this visit.  It’s even more annoying because you are a lot closer to them than in the other area they have the cats in.  So far I have been unable to replicate this shot, because I would need a  400 or 600mm lens to do it now.


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2 Responses to Analysing My Photographic Journey 2 – Tiger Portrait

  1. thats the smae look my cat gives me when he think I’m an idiot, which is nearly always.

    nice piccy!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks, yes I get this expression from my cat too when he is unimpressed about being woken up from his sound sleep in the sun on the sofa 🙂

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