Farewell to the Cathedral Pt2

March 17th, the hottest day we had had all summer (it got to 26 deg C) and the people streamed in for the last ever public viewing of the Cathedral before they began to demolish it.  I got up early to beat the crowds, but the crowd was already there.  It was heartening to see so many people out for the specific purpose of witnessing, of gathering a memory and of saying good bye.

Until they announced the Cathedral would be demolished I had not had an emotional response, not to any of the other buildings.  But even for me, an Otago girl who moved here in 1998 and stayed because she liked it, even for me the Cathedral had formed its own attachment, walking past it every day to and from work for 3 years.

In the end, we will remember this lovely building, broken but still standing as the crows and vultures of bureauracy pick over her carcass.

A substantial amount of framing to hold the front wall on

All that remains of the Bell Tower and the frontage

A couple of local pigeons have a new vantage point

A few last remaining shards of glass in what was a stained glass window. Buildings behind the church clearly viewable.


Closeup of some of the front damage

Damage to the right of the archway, shows how thick the stone walls were.



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One Response to Farewell to the Cathedral Pt2

  1. mississhippi says:

    So sad to see it like this…and so sad they aren’t rebuilding.

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