Instead of Earthquakes, today we had SNOW!

Instead of earthquakes today we had, in fact 8 hours of snow falling all day from 8 am this morning.

That was my driveway and garden 9.30am this morning.  We had taken our work laptops home, and the boss text around 8am to recommend we work from home.  Fine with me, I cranked up the pellet fire and the laptop and got stuck in.  Lots of customers either stayed home or went home early so was a quiet but steady day.

Snow continued heavy and steady but I wanted to get out and get more photos.  I stayed in last year, I didn’t want to drive due to all the other idiots out there, so I walked around the corner to a park with my camera tucked in the front of my jacket for protection.  Out I went in the hope I didn’t slip over and break something.

My favourite shot of the walk, love the bright splash of pink against the snow

I think the big kids got out to help build this quite tall snowman

Trees lining the south edge of the park

Stark bare branches bearing a coating of snow

An oak still hanging onto its leave provides a startling colour contrast in the white grey day

I experimented with shutter speeds with the first photo, I was trying to get the falling snow in the image, and it took a bit of messing around before I got it right.  I had my shutter speeds too slow, and I had to crank the ISO up to 1250 to allow the camera to take the shot as it was very dull and overcast.

For my walk, I ended up just setting the camera on P because it was doing a good job at that setting, still with the high ISO.  I didn’t have too much problem with metering off the snow because the sky was so dull and heavy and grey, therefore correct exposure seemed to be handled by the camera OK.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and frosty and fine, and I suspect I will be working from home again as the roads will be treacherous tomorrow.  The cat will be happy to spend the day asleep in front of the fire again 🙂





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4 Responses to Instead of Earthquakes, today we had SNOW!

  1. Incredible June sight for those of us on the top side of the world. Good shots. especially the oak in the last image.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thankyou, yes its fairly unusual for us to get snow here (even tho it arrived twice even more heavily last year)

  2. Katrina says:

    I particularly like the last picture. The colorful leaves stand out so nicely against the snow.

    I’ve tried to take pictures of falling snow flakes a few times without much success. A few days ago I did take pictures of huge raindrops hitting the roof and splashing up again though.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I confess, in the end I googled how to get the falling snow flakes, and the tip that everyone recommended was “use a long lens”. I tried using my flash as well but I didn’t like the effect so much. Its all about the shutter speed, needs to be fairly fast.

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