On Day 2 of the Christchurch Snow we had ICE

Yes it was a clear frosty night last night, so the second day of the June 2012 Christchurch snow was all about the cold crunchy sparkly ICE.

This is my washing line

There was a particular shot I wanted to get, I had seen a tree in the park yesterday, so I kept an eye on the sky and when the sun was in more or less the right place, I went around with my camera

It looks like its covered in blossoms, but thats all frozen snow

The neighbours had gone out and had fun creating this extravagant snow creation

My brave birman kitty Taz carefully makes his way across the slippery frozen snow


And finally, cat paw prints in the frozen snow, you can see all the toes!





About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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2 Responses to On Day 2 of the Christchurch Snow we had ICE

  1. mississhippi says:

    Love those paw prints! Poor puss would have had frozen toes by the end of that walk.

    • lensaddiction says:

      He doesnt seem to mind the cold too much, but really doesn’t like wet paws. He kept going outside to chase snowflakes and potter about, and would demand to be let in the front door, running across the carpet flicking water off his paws and dropping snow everywhere!

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