To Title or Not to Title

That is indeed the question, inspired by this blog post here

I don’t do urban/street photography so I don’t have that issue with my images.  I do struggle with the concept of titling an image tho.  Do I shape the viewers perception with the title?  Will they have a preconcieved approach because of the title?

These are concerns, especially if I ever get serious about entering competitions.  Some images are strong enough to stand alone on their own merits, perhaps some might benefit from a title.  But then is it really judged on its full merit as an image?

On the other hand “Untitled” is so bland and uninviting.  Did the photographer not care enough about the image to give it a title? Do they not know what its story is?  Does it not speak to them, therefore should I spend my time on it?

What to do?  What do you do?


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9 Responses to To Title or Not to Title

  1. add a title if it suits the image and generally only if it’s humorous to me. i.e. big red cock, crude and I apologise but it is accurate in this instance and suits my slightly peurile male sense of humour. Hope this helps and that I haven’t caused offence.

    • lensaddiction says:

      No offence taken, I wanted to pick an image I hadn’t put on the blog before. It would probably be a title to be used in a less formal situation than a competition tho 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    Title but it does even have to relate to the picture. That is self can be cool and weird all in one.

  3. Sorry! Couldn’t help myself imagining your cock spouting ‘Hamlet’ ….. Maybe therein lies your answer?

  4. Tastes like chicken? I know, bad 🙂 Just the other day I was wrestling with this concept for a post o my own.

  5. Katrina says:

    I’d say it depends on what you’re using the photo for and where you’re displaying it.

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