Award Evening with an Asian Theme


I spent 4 days in the big smoke of Auckland recently, attending two awards dinners.  I didn’t qualify for any at either event, but other members of our team did, and a Bronze Rising Star was awarded on Wed night, and a Sales Achiever Award given on the Friday night.

The theme for the Friday night was Asian, in support of the next Award holiday destination of Chang Mai.  This year was Hawaii.


Lighting in the venue for photography was, quite simply AWFUL.  Patchy yellow candlelight on the tables, some dim coloured lights in the roof and large areas that were dark and unlit.  My camera really struggled to find the subjects to focus on the dark areas.

Thai Kick Boxers

One highlight was a group of Thai Kick Boxers who did a performance in one of the breaks which I rushed to the front to capture, above is the best shot I got of the sequence.

On the way back from the ladies I noticed the group was posed for a photo in the lobby, so I dashed in and got my camera and offered to shoot them.  They were trying to get a shot with a peformer jumping in the air across the group, and the guy with the iPhone was struggling to get a shot in the dim yellow lobby lighting.

Getting some Air!

This shot is the best leap shot, I pulled back and gave him more lens space to jump into which worked better than a close up shot.

I hadn’t intended to take my camera to these awards, however I was asked to shoot the Award Presentations on the Wed night, so had it, and die hard shooter that I am, took it along.  As anticipated, one of our team did win an award so I was able to get shots of him with it on the night, as well as these lucky images, so I am pleased I did take it with me on the night.

The lighting was the hardest I have had to shoot in, being combinations of very dark and poor coloured lighting.  I had to move groups of people around into the light to allow my camera to focus on them, after many failed attempts.  I really need to learn to use my flash more technically, I am sure it has features to allow you to use it in that environment.

Always have the camera handy, because you never know what you might find to shoot!


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