A Day of Adventures – Quilt Show

Closeup of Cat Quilt

I was supposed to be in Kaikoura this weekend, at a Photography Club Fieldtrip, but I spent Tues and Wed this week flat on my back in fair amounts of agony having done something to strain my neck.  It has got vastly better since then but I didn’t want to travel so far from home and run the risk of it happening again.

The weather was GLORIOUS today so I decided to have adventures around town instead, taking my camera out with me.  I had to be careful as my neck was not completely happy, and I had a bit of a headache when I got home, and except for losing my cellphone during the day I had a good day out.

Closeup of Cat Quilt

First stop after lunch was a Craft Show and then a Quilt show. There are a lot of local talented quilters.  It is a craft I admire and have so far successfully resisted.  It is expensive and I have plenty of other things to occupy my time 🙂

This was my favourite, I loved the fabric. It was a first time effort!

The lighting was challenging for photography but I cranked my ISO up to 400 and that was plenty fast enough.  The hall they were displayed in has a lot of overhead lighting in one half of it, and you get a lot of colour bounce from the black panels and works hung next or opposite the subject being photographed.  My 17-55mm lens coped well, however I had to do some judicious perspective and aspect adjustment to account for the angle of photography vs the wall.  I am beginning to see the point of the TSE lenses tho I am not sure if I could ever justify the price of one!

I liked the hot air balloons

There were many many quilts, but I only photographed the ones I particularly liked

A very large and bright quilt, easily king sized bed

There were a couple of white quilts, these I appreciate for their sheer insanity, as the pattern is made solely and wholely from the stitching.  Lots and lots of very very fine stitching

White Quilt Award Winner

You can see the issue I had with white balance on this image, the top half is white but the bottom half has colour bounce from the floor and the lower walls affecting it.

Closeup of white quilt showing all the fine fine stitching detail

This quilt may have been done by hand or by machine, I am not experienced enough to know, but I certainly appreciate the concentration and amount of work that goes in to make these works of art.


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1 Response to A Day of Adventures – Quilt Show

  1. Jenn says:

    Divine quilt 🙂 can spend ages at craft shows drinking in the sights and sighingv:)

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