A Day of Adventures – Graffiti

Grafitti in Sydenham

I had noticed this a while ago, around the same time I posted the Dragon Godzilla image I had taken last year.  Kept meaning to get photos of this new one, and finally got around to it. Have no idea of the symbolism of the creatures and what it all means but its very involved and everytime I look at it I see something new.

Below are several close up shots so you can see more details

Starting from the left

And the end

Here are some closeups of some of the more interesting creatures

Im not sure if this is a cat or a wombat

And finally, if I turn around from where I took my last shot, this is what you see

Its where a whole row of buildings and business were that were badly damaged in the Feb22 earthquake and this is what is left.  Lots of dirt, weeds and someones wonderful artwork to brighten this sad dreary space.


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2 Responses to A Day of Adventures – Graffiti

  1. Carolyn Collins says:

    I’ve also taken lots of shots of this great artwork. Who is/are the artist/s?

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