Spring Means Daffodils and Ducklings


Spring has sprung upon us with a cluster of warm sunny days, and suddenly evidence of the new season is everywhere.  Trees in blossom and bloom, daffodils dancing in the sun, and last weekend I spotted my first ducklings while in Hagley Park at a Quilt show.

I was just about to get into my car and I saw some movement on the grass, as it got closer I saw it was a duck with 5 ducklings heading towards the stream I was parked next too.  I grabbed my camera bag, switched over the lenses so I had my 70-200F4 IS on and carefully climbed down the step and slippery bank so that I could get some shots if the family came my way.

There was a Toi Toi bush in the way so I couldn’t see them but suddenly I could hear ‘peep peep peep peep’ and the family appeared in front of me.  I fired off a couple of shots and they turned away, frightened of the shutter clapping shut.  So I sat and waited patiently and they came back, so I waited til they were closer before I started shooting, and this was my favourite shot of the day.

7D and 70-200 F4 IS lens, 200mm focal length @ F4, ISO400 to account for the shade, 1/250sec shutter speed.

Daffodils will be the next post!



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3 Responses to Spring Means Daffodils and Ducklings

  1. That’s just adorable. I really like the duckling climbing over the rock.

  2. mississhippi says:

    Beautiful photo. Their markings are quite beautiful aren’t they.

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