Dance of the Red Zone Skyline

Dancing Cranes

I haven’t posted for a bit as I have family visiting from overseas, the good news is we have been touring the Red Zone and I have lots of photos of buildings I haven’t been able to see for nearly a couple of years, and lots of demolition photos.  I’m sure you are all THRILLED 🙂

Driving across town to meet the family for dinner I could see the sun beginning to light up the sky as it set, luckily I had my camera with me.  I could see this pair of cranes being silhouetted by the clouds as I was heading towards town.  Even though it would make me late, I drove into Latimer Square, parked then walked across an empty lot to get a clear shot of the cranes against the sky.

Taken handheld ISO320, F4, 1/200th of a sec, at 135mm on my 70-200 F4 IS lens and 7D body.

Cranked the ISO up a bit to get the faster shutterspeed so I could get a sharp shot handheld.  Did a few practise breaths, and then a big exhale, and shot at the end of my breath for a steady shot.

Even in destruction there is beauty.




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11 Responses to Dance of the Red Zone Skyline

  1. rumpelsnorcack says:

    That’s a gorgeous shot! I’m fascinated by the city as it is at the moment. My dearest wish is to capture the current beauty here, but I’m not good enough. So I’m always delighted when I find someone who has done it for me 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks for including the Exif data – it helps SO much to figure how the beautiful pic has been taken! Think I might invest in a 70-200mm lens after seeing your great shots!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Ruth, it occured to me recently that including the image data might be a useful thing. I really recommend the Canon 70-200 lenses. I have the F4 as its what I could afford and also what I could lift! The 2.8 is a gorgeous lens but heavy. I happily walk around with the F4 and I love it to bits 🙂

  3. Carolyn Collins says:

    Absolutely awesome shot. Love your blog.

  4. mississhippi says:

    Fantastic colour. And you chose the ideal shot for composition. I like the way my eye roves around the shot looking a new details it spots.

  5. missjordy says:

    Hi there I live in Nelson and i’m so happy i’ve been able to come across your blog because these photos are fantastic! Wow! I’m just starting to develop my photography skills and have throughly enjoyed going through some of the wonderful shots you have taken 🙂 THIS crane one has to be my favourite!

    • lensaddiction says:

      I am glad you like my photography and my blog, always nice to meet another Kiwi in cyberspace. I am particularly fond of the crane shot myself so I think you have great taste!

      Good luck with the photography course, its a great artform.

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