Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Taz smells the wisteria

I am coming very late to last weeks “Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine” mostly because I hadn’t yet got a good photograph that I wanted to share of what is most definately mine.  This is my Seal Point Birman cat Taz – full name Tufftietows Tissle Tassle (because he has a white tuft of fur right on the tip of his tail)

Birmans are very posessive cats, once they decide a particular human is theirs, then you are claimed. This has expressed itself in several ways with various Birmans I have owned over the years, following you on walks, insisting on quality laptime as soon as you get in the door from work, waiting on the porch for your car to pull into the driveway, only sleeping next to your pillow or on your legs.  Sometimes it is cute and endearing, and sometimes (like when they stand right behind you ‘supervising’ and you stand on their tail, or run between your legs while you are walking down steps), sometimes its quite annoying.

On the fence

They will also fearlessly follow you wherever you go, even if it means climbing their way along the length of a high and narrow fence, when you are standing at the other end with a camera waiting 🙂


If you are Taz you will do all of these things while loudly complaining in piercing meows that it is time for treats to be provided, and lap to be offered, none of this gallivanting about with a camera on a fence.

Taz is beautiful, fluffy, affectionate, annoying, loud, frustrating, comforting and precious.  I am his person and he is my Birman.


Images taken with a 7D and 70-200F4 IS L handheld at 70mm focal length, Apertures from F8-F10, ISO100. Shot in P mode.


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One Response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Jenn says:

    He’s gorgeous .. And cuddly looking 🙂

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