Scott Kelby Photowalk 2012 Christchurch NZ

I volunteered to lead a walk for the Scott Kelby Photowalk 2012. It was scheduled for the 13th which was yesterday, except we had a “weather bomb” forecast, and no brave souls turned up to join me at 9am yesterday morning. So I came home, lit the fire and snuggled up under a rug and had a nap until a more civilized time of day was achieved. By then the weather had deteriorated into lots and lots of rain and heavy wind. Ventured out for some supplies and spent the day tucked up cosy and warm in front of the fire!

Hoping the weather was better today I postponed the walk til 3pm, which appeared to be a good choice as the weather cleared and blue sky started to appear at lunchtime. There was a bit of a chilly breeze but a jacket sorted that out. I was only joined by one other hardy attendee, and we walked around the far side of the estuary seeing what there was to see.

A couple with three small dogs had been throwing a tennis ball and were just heading back to the car when I asked if they minded a couple more throws so we could get some photos of the dogs. This was my best shot of the day, he wasn’t happy about us lying down on the grass to take photos and barked his complaint from a distance. The other two dogs happily chased the ball but I didn’t get any good shots, they were running too fast!

So it was probably the most minimally attended Photowalk for this year but I got to walk in the fresh air on a sunny day with a fellow photographer and it was a pleasant excursion. Hopefully next year will have kinder weather.


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2 Responses to Scott Kelby Photowalk 2012 Christchurch NZ

  1. Carolyn Collins says:

    How strange – I was a walk leader too but didn’t see your’s on the site. How can that happen. I had 4 on mine around the Heathcote to Swan Lake.

    • lensaddiction says:

      The only reason I registered was I didn’t see one already there for Christchurch when I checked too, and I registered on the last day you could. Thats a shame! And we were in a similar area too tho I don’t know where Swan Lake is.

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