Mother and Daughter photoshoot = Cheesecake

A good friend and work colleague who has a 9mth old girl asked me to take some photos to be used on the upcoming 1year birthday invites. She wanted some shots in the bluebells so we went out on Sunday, luckily there were still some standing after the awful weather we had go through the day before.

This was my first attempt at these kind of images, and I wanted to give her some nice images but have a low stress experience. Keeping that in mind I shot quickly, first with the 17-55mm lens on to get some wide angle views with lots of bluebells in the foreground but I liked the closer up images taken with the 70-200 better, and its a lot faster lens to work with a volatile subject.

I particularly like the above image as it has a really good sense of scale, the solid tree trunk providing ground, and the two figures contrasting against the dark background, showing their size differential really well.

The star of the show

This is my favourite of the many baby shots, she is engaging with the camera, great catchlights in the eyes, lovely cheeky grin, dimples to die for, its all happening!

A different treatment

Finally playing with some of the free On One LR4 presets, I liked this desaturated aged photo effect, but I see looking at it again the whites are a little blownout, I need to have another play and see what I can retrieve back there.

Total shoot time was about 30 min, which includes walking from the cars and back again and setup, so shooting probably 15-20min max which was about right timing as the wee girl started to get a bit tired of it.

I had fun and was pleased with the images I took, and mum seems to like them as well. Most importantly I got yummy lemon cheesecake as a thankyou!

Images taken on 7d camera with either 17-55mm F2.8 IS lens or 70-200 F4 IS L lens, processed in LR4


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