This photo helps me keep humble

Why?  Because this photo of a cat looking into a toilet bowl is STILL the most viewed and most commented image I have ever taken and posted on my Flickr page.  It was uploaded in April 2007 and I have since upgraded to two different DSLR bodies, spent many $$$ on camera equipment and many many hours learning to use it. Its taken on a Canon S3IS point and shoot, my very first digital camera.

Yet this is still my most popular image, a quick snapshot taken with no control of the situation or environment, a serendipitous moment.

Sky was fascinated by the water in a toilet bowl when it was flushed

So when someone sees my big expensive camera and lens and comments that “it must take great photos” I have my own response to that now.  I tell them that ‘great photos are made with great subjects’.  The equipment is just a tool, yes better tools get you better quality of image.  But as you can clearly see from this image of my cat, fascinated by water in a toilet bowl, the image is ALL about the subject and the moment 🙂

This is the perspective I need to remember so I can learn and grow as a photographer!



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4 Responses to This photo helps me keep humble

  1. but its a kitty being naughty and cute – how could you possibly do better than that?

    • lensaddiction says:

      True but there is no technical merit, no artistic involvement. It is literally a snapshot of a supercute moment. Nothing else I have shot with all the expensive gear and self education comes near to it in popularity!

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