LUXCITY Light Sculpture Show in Christchurch

LUXCITY was a light sculpture event held in Christchurch last weekend.  According to Scoop

“Luxcity is the opening event for the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA), which runs until 28 October. It promises to be spectacular, with the installations creating spaces for bars, cafes, restaurants, a night market, live music and performance venues. Over 350 architecture and design students from across New Zealand have taken the challenge to conceptualise architecture in lights – then working in a team to design, find sponsors and fabricate their ideas”

We were teased with some spectacular photographs leading up to the event and I think every photographer in Chch attended.  As well everyone else with a cameraphone was there as well, and thousands of people attended.  It was a shame it was so crowded and not laid out well for the number of people who came out.  I only saw half of the show as I was so tired of battling the crowds I went home, and it took me over an hour to see what I did see!

Here are some of the highlights:

Very tall coloured wire light sculpture, the wires changed colours

Inside the very center of the wire sculpture


Made out of cardboard tubes and zip ties and some applied organic geometry

Girl in a large clear plastic ball


Girl posing inside a giant clear plastic ball



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