Seals *are* the most photogenic creatures on Earth

Of course anything small and cute and fuzzy is photogenic, CuteOverload tells us this every day, its in the rules 🙂  Small and cute and helpless is a deal breaker!

Small and fuzzy and all alone

However even the majestic fully grown bull seals have a certain something when it comes to having a camera pointed at them.  It could be that the landscape these seals live in is simply spectacular by itself, but you have to wonder.

I adore the serene expression on his face as the waves crash hugely behind him

Add in the combination of a mother seal and pup suckling, or mum asleep while the pup stares wide eyed at the strange creatures staring down at him, making funny high pitched noises and clicks, and its simply too much!

Adorable liquid eyes

The evidence speaks for itself, from small and cute and big eyed and fuzzy all the way up to fully grown rough and tough, seals are the most photogenic creatures on earth.  The way they pose so beautifully when you point a camera at them makes me think that they are in on the joke.

Or they have shares in Canon and Nikon!



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