Catlins Phototography Trip 5 – Ruined Farmhouse and Windswept Trees

Driving back to my campground my eye was caught by the late afternoon light falling on some spectacular windswept trees, fallen trunks and stumps.  As I kept driving I also noticed the brick chimney standing over the ruins of the planks that had been the original building.

I pulled over to have a better look, and the light was really good, so I headed up the road til I found the nearest farmhouse and asked permission to go into the paddock.  Apparently lots of people stop to take photos but to their bemusment, I was the only person who had bothered to ask permission first!

Windswept trees, fallen trunks and stumps – click for larger version, its worth the click 🙂

Walking up the hill I had to shoot the trees first, and then I was seduced by the foxgloves.  Wherever there was cleared land or farmland I saw clumps of tall stately flowers in shades of pink or white, and there were some splendid specimens here


Adore the amazing shocking pink colour

And the further I walked around the site, the more trees with interesting sculptural lines I found, and wonderful HUGE treestumps, this one is taller than me

Love the curving shape in the twisting tree trunk, not sure if they are pine or macrocarpa

This shot was taken with my 10-22 ultra wide lens, the tree was so tall and I had to take the shot at a very acute angle, and this lens allowed me to fit it all into the shot.  Have I said how much I *love* this lens 🙂

And finally the actual ruined farmhouse. I am not sure how old it is, the lady I spoke to said the brick chimney and food safe are the only structures still standing, it had partially burned down and the weather and elements took its toll.

Not a shot I would normally have taken, but the light as I was driving up the valley highlighted all the pale tree trunks and caught my attention.  Really glad I made the effort, and because I had asked permission I wasn’t rushed and could happily take as long as I wanted (or the light lasted).

I really like the first shot of the row of stark silver tree trunks, also captured with the 10-22.

What do you think?  Stretching my comfort zone, was it worth it?


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6 Responses to Catlins Phototography Trip 5 – Ruined Farmhouse and Windswept Trees

  1. lucywilliamspoetry says:

    It was defiantly worth it, great photos.

  2. Rob. says:

    They’re macrocarpa, old ones often have real character and you’ve captured it well. Nice foxglove studies too. Love your post-processing technique, photos really pop off the screen. Ruined buildings don’t do it for me but that’s a personal peculiarity, a lot of photographers and artists certainly like them!

    • lensaddiction says:

      I have done a BW conversion of the row of trees and I really quite like it 🙂

      • Rob. says:

        The bleached trunks look like bone. Probably works well b&w. The %90 dead tree in the middle of the row reminds me of those shots you see of bristlecone pines in the high sierra nevadas … Life endures.

        I reckon a closer crop of that, particularly backlit or as a silhouette against a dramatic sky might be good?

      • lensaddiction says:

        not sure i can crop and still maintain a balance in the image but i am happy with the B&W I have done, seriously considering getting it printed and mounted on the wall 🙂

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