Maple Glen Gardens is a must see hidden treasure

I say hidden because its well off the beaten track of Highway1, and a bit of a trek from the nearest civilisation ie the small township of Wyndham in Southland.  None of this matters because if you are a gardener or a photographer or a birder (or all three like me) then driving ALL DAY would be well worth the trip provided you allow yourself several hours to wander and enjoy its delights  – details on their website

Warning there are LOTS of photos in this post 🙂  Im not going to say much because, quite frankly, its all in the images.  Fabulous place and I sadly didn’t get to see all of it as the day I was there was unbelievably hot, and I had visited with the intention of purchasing some bluebells, which rather embarrassingly had to be specially dug due to my lack of sending a confirmation email advising I *was* coming to pick them up  OOPS!

The HUGEST delphiniums I have EVER seen

The darkest blue delphiniums, and tall as well (can you tell I’m drooling already)

Paths curve invitingly away but now I have to choose!

All of the shades and textures of green caught my eye in this view

Fabulous house perched like a wedding cake overlooking the fantastic views

View northeast over the lovely green downs of southern farmland

Cardocrinum lillies which I am sure were at least 8 ft high!

I never made it down to the ponds or the far corners, but it looks inviting

Tall mature trees really anchor a garden and give it structure and bones. They make a pretty statement against a blue summer sky too 🙂

Lush plantings around the duck pond

So many delightful colour combinations, not sure how many are planned in advance tho 🙂

This is my favourite image of the day, the patterns mowed into the grass caught my eye, I am not sure how deliberate they are but someone sure had some fun! Click for a big version

A froth of white astilbe, one of my favourite plants that needs more moisture than I can provide in hot dry canterbury summers – click for big version

One of the particular treasures of Maple Glen are the birds.  The owners hand rear a lot of exotic and also native birds, and the air is alive with twittering wherever you walk.  While I was sitting in the blissful cool shade watching my bluebells be dug up and chatting to the gentleman graciously doing the digging I spotted a woodpigeon doing its usual crashland into the top of a tree not far away.  Snapping the 70-200 F4 IS L lens on, I stalked up behind a handy tree, and spent several minutes clicking off as many images as I could get.  This is my best shot and I am absolutely stoked with it 🙂

NZ Kereru or Native Wood Pigeon – click for larg version

So please make the effort to visit Maple Glen, it will offer delights any time of the year, and Rob (chief weeder and digger of bluebells) knows the proper botannical name of every plant in there, and probably the date and time it was planted as well!

I was there on a bright harsh sunny day, at the worst time for photos, so please don’t take them as the best example of the garden – go here instead and see Maple Glen at its finest 🙂

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8 Responses to Maple Glen Gardens is a must see hidden treasure

  1. Rob. says:

    Lovely write-up and it was very nice to meet you. I hope you can get back to see the rest of it some day when things are less hot and bothered – this being Southland I can practically guarantee it’d be cooler next time!!
    There are also many more birds around in cooler weather, most of them sensibly taking a siesta in the heat of the day.

    I do hope those bluebells give you many years of pleasure, they should!

    Best wishes, Rob.

    • lensaddiction says:

      If I had any idea of how big the place was I would have allowed more time, was certainly nice to see it on a nice day 🙂

  2. mississhippi says:

    How far from Christchurch is this? It looks beautiful and worth a visit.

  3. Carolyn Collins says:

    OMG Another place for my bucket list. I had heard of it but never seen how wonderful it is. Thank you so much for this post. Am up to page 12 only on their flicker page, will have to look at the rest tonight .

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes I had heard of it vaguely as you do when you are a gardener, but also had no idea of the sheer scale of the place. And for someone living in canty, its so nice to see a place that ISNT FLAT!

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