Shadows on Gunnera Leaf

Hi *waves* apologies for the extended silence, I have been sick with a nasty cold for the last week and still haven’t shaken it entirely off yet.  So haven’t done much photograph or processing this last week but I did get out for an hour on Friday for a photowalk with some local shooters.

Gunnera Leaf Shadow

We have monthly challenges for this local group, and this month was Shadow.  You cannot cheat and pull an old image out of archive, it has to be taken within the month.  I like this shot because of the texture of the leaf, all the veins clearly seen through the backlit leaf and the dramatic shape of the leaf in front shadowed across it.  This is a gunnera leaf which is a big fleshy leaved plant that likes to grow near water and has big jagged edge leaf shapes.

I may not win the challenge but I made an effort to see an image and capture it as a pleasing image by itself but to also suitable for the challenge.

Taken with 7D and 17-55 F2.8 lens, ISO100, F4 at 55mm focal length, 1/160th sec shutterspeed.  Processed in LR4 with Cloudy WB to give a warm golden glow to the light

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