Stone Bench Shadows with Silver Efex

Stone bench converted to BW with Nik Silver Efex – click to embiggen

I saw this stone bench all dappled in sunlight and shadows and thought it had potential to be converted to black and white.Β  Yes I also took advantage of the NIK sale and bought the WHOLE suite for US $149 – I was intially going to purchase Silver Efex and Viveza which was going to cost that much anyway, so I was happy to get the other products included πŸ™‚

Because of my horrible cold this is the first time I have had a real play with it, the above image was processed in Fine Art Process first, a couple of overbright spots were toned down a bit, added a slight vignette and then Agfa 400 film grain just for a touch more texture.

Not usually a fan of film grain but this image works with the texture of the stones. Didn’t get this into this month’s challenge unfortunately but I had fun composing the image in my head while shooting and then working through to completion. This is pretty much what I imagined πŸ™‚

Shot on the 7D with 17-55mm lens at 17mm, ISO100, F5.0 at 1/100 sec handheld and intially processed in LR4 before running through Silver Efex



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4 Responses to Stone Bench Shadows with Silver Efex

  1. SkiDaddy says:

    Black and white is something I’ve done very little, except for some candid baby shots. I like the look of it though and your use of it here was great. Some things just naturally lend themselves to B&W don’t they?

    • lensaddiction says:

      I havent played much with BW either but Silver Efex not only makes it easy but fun as well. I agree with you, some things do look better BW πŸ™‚

  2. JaN says:

    I’ve always loved B&W – also a good test for good composition!
    This photo passes beautifully!

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