Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

These three ladies were brightly adorned and yet still coordinated (yes even the hair!) kindly agreed to let us shoot them during our photowalk in the Gardens at Easter.  For this Weekly Photo Challenge I bring you ……

Dressed in shades of pink and purple, everything about them was COLOUR (spelt correctly might I add!)

I wanted to do a selective colour, where I turn the image into black and white except for bright colours, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with my software.  Having never tried selective colour before, was too challenged to do it for more than one colour!  Maybe someone can give me a hint?

Shot with 7D and 17-55mm lens at 20mm, ISO100, F5.6, 1/20sec hand held.  Processed in LR4 and further edited in Nik Color Efex.


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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Ian Everall says:

    I,ve done a quick mock up, are you meaning like this http://www.iephotography.co.uk/example.jpg.
    if so it’s quite easy, export your image out of lightroom in colour and in black and white, then use any editing software that uses layer; I used photoshop, put your black and white image on top of your colour, then use your eraser tool on the black and white layer to reveal the layer below :). that one only took me about 30mins 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hey Ian, yes JUST like that! But I don’t have photoshop, Im beginning to think I may have to invest in it. Thanks so much, really appreciate it, I actually thought there would be a widgety thing that you could use, rather than doing it manually. Can I link to your version in my post?

      • Ian Everall says:

        yer by all means use it as you wish 🙂

      • Ian Everall says:

        I find doing it manually actually makes it easier, the problem i was getting when selecting colour, it would select everything that colour, so you get random dots of colour all over your image, whereas manually your just telling it which sections you want to be visible through the layer

      • lensaddiction says:

        That sounds sensible, I have experienced the random dots of colour issue you mention when I have played before.

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  4. Tina Schell says:

    Wow, now that’s colorful 🙂 Do you suppose they coordinated ahead of time???

    • lensaddiction says:

      I have no idea but they were very bright and cheerful 🙂 Just in time for this weeks challenge!

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  8. I have only been able to do this process in Photoshop. You layer the original photo with color underneath the black and white picture, then erase from the B/W top layer what you don’t want so that they color from underneath can show through. It’s a lot of fun playing with these layers. You might really like Photoshop – but it has a learning curve and requires patience and perseverance.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I have ordered myself a copy of PS as I now qualify for the student pricing, and there is one on its way, should arrive later this week. I will have to get myself a good reference book now!

  9. How nice of them to dress this way in time for this challenge. 🙂

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