Adobe releases Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5 was in beta recently, so I was surprised to hear on Twitter from several sources that they have released LR5 today!

A good summary of new features and a video demonstrating some

SLR Lounge has a video with some cool new features

This post shows how LR5 fixes the tilt or slant you get when photographing buildings with normal lenses – always a frustration for me

Looks like its $149 US for the full version, and there is a cheaper upgrade option for current users.  There are some quite useful features, the Healing brush is one thing I really felt missing from LR and frustrated that you had to get PS to get it.  Fixing wonky buildings has always been a pain for someone who doesn’t want to invest the big $$$  in a tilt shift lens so this is another really useful feature to me.

I am not sure if the Radial gradient is quite me right now, but I suspect once I see it used in the hands of experts it will have lots of potential as well.

For anyone running Windows I really recommend Lightroom – it is an all in one catalogging and now a powerful editing program as well.  You don’t need to pay for expensive Photoshop especially if you are still new to digital photography, do yourself and your credit card a favour and seriously consider LR!

(also apologies to regular readers for the long period of quiet, I am studying for a big exam as well as working full time, regular transmission should resume soon!)


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