The Rare and Endangered NZ Falcon

I went to the Maniototo for a few days over the Easter break, continuing my habit of going to a lesser known corner of the South Island with my camera to see what was to be seen.   Was hoping for some pretty autumn colour but I was really a bit early, and unfortunately the weather wasn’t particularly obliging for landscapes.

So on a patchy overcast morning I headed south into the hills, trying to get a clear shot for some landscapes with no luck.  Soon the road rose up winding around the hills and the seal ended and the clay began and I kept driving just to see what was around the next corner.

Imagine my utter delight as I drove around a corner and saw a dark shape perched on a fence post to my left.  I had my camera with the 70-200 lens on it in the passenger seat, and I pulled the car to as gentle a stop as I could in a short distance, powered down the windows and shot off as many shots as I could of this handsome fellow.

The NZ Falcon

The NZ falcon tends to hunt in remoter areas and this was my first encounter.  He was quite curious and had a good look at me while I was shooting him and wasn’t too bothered by the car. However as soon as I tried to move it he flew off.

I was so excited to finally see one of the beautiful rare native raptors in the wild I forgot to turn my engine off so the image isnt 100% sharp because of the vibration which is annoying but I got the proof clear enough 🙂  Getting this photo totally made the 5 hour drive each way worth it!

Next time I will remember to turn the engine off!


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6 Responses to The Rare and Endangered NZ Falcon

  1. It’s a great shot, well spotted 🙂

  2. Carolyn Collins says:

    What engine vibration, this is great! Really envy you, haven’t even been close to a harrier.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I have a harrier shot that I got in the Catlins but they are really shy and fly off as soon as you get the car within range. Drive down thru the Mackenzie and you will see LOADS of harriers circling the thermals 🙂

  3. Engine vibration or not, this is a lovely portrait of him – and the gold background compliments his colouring nicely.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks, the gold background is the natural environment, late summer grass at the end of the season 🙂

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