Improving my Lightroom Post Processing Techniques

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to attend a day workshop with Trey Ratcliff where he kindly shared his thoughts and methods around the software he uses and how he post processes his images.  It was a revelation for me and I began to realise that the best images often have a bit more care taken around their post pro than I was really doing.

Also I began to realise that a lot more can be done within Lightroom, esp the latest version 5 has some nifty new enhancements but I hadn’t invested much time in learning about them and how to use them.

I got an email today from EyeVoyage today offering a deal on 10 videos to help you improve your post pro technique

No matter how strong the composition, how dramatic the moment or how interesting the subject in the viewfinder, a potentially great photo never shines until it is post-processed with knowledge. Good post-processing won’t save a poor image, but it will make a strong image stand out.

“Understanding Post-processing” is a unique educational tool. You learn through action, by working on the 10 provided RAW files and following the steps in the 10 video tutorials. Every important technique is illuminated in more depth through the 52 additional examples that are de-constructed in the videos

There were some sample videos to watch, and I watched all three, and instantly learnt a new thing that I hadn’t known, which was going to solve a problem I have right now.  Because I was a previous customer I got a special deal, but if you are wanting to learn new tips to get the most of Lightroom 5 I suggest you consider this as a good place to start 🙂

I will be watching the first few videos tonight and am looking forward to taking lots of notes for reference!

Does you have any other Lightroom videos or tutorials to suggest?


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2 Responses to Improving my Lightroom Post Processing Techniques

  1. Degies says:

    Starting out and learning all the kazillions of buttons in Lightroom is a bit overwhelming when you first start out. I found the LightRoom channel on youtube quite handy. Juliane Kost walks you through the different features and you pickup techniques and features quite quickly . Even if you have never had LightRoom before you quickly catch on.

    Alternatively I also found a number of helpfull videos on the BnH Event space youtube channel. They have different photographers walking you through some of their photos, so you don’t only get the software side of it, but also the practical side of composition and picturing the shot before you press the button.

    Scott Kelby and Serge Ramelli has subscription training videos that you can view at your leisure and they are quite inexpensive. I have read Scott’s books, but they do tend to dive into Photshop often.

    Using these resources I have taken many of my snap shots to images I can publish proudly. I still maintain if I spend more than 5 minutes LightRoom I did it wrong and have to go out and try again. My hobby after all is not LightRoom, but the techniques and lessons you learn in these video’s does mean I get a lot more done a lot quicker in that 5min.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hey Willem, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the recommendations, I knew about Scott Kelby (I have his books from when I first started out in LR2 and 3) and I knew he had videos but wasnt quite keen to pay for them on an annual subscription basis.

      I will try out your other recommendations. BTW I agree with you about the 5 minute thing but I shot a wedding for a close friend in Kaikoura in the weekend and was struggling with my usual post pro for landscapes not really suiting the wedding shots LOL

      However I thought if I was more skilled in LR then what I could get done in those 5 min might mean I have a better outcome but I definately feel that if the shot is not good then it can’t be improved by software but I can’t help feeling I could do a better job with some of the problem areas, or just tweak a little bit more subtlely then I might be now.

      BTW love your Orokonui shots, it was fierce bright sunlight the day I was there and had lots of challenging shadows to deal with. I never saw a kaka, you got some nice shots

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