Before and After – post processing an image

I mentioned recently I had purchased some videos from EyeVoyage on improving my post processing technique in LR5.  Can I say that it was TOTALLY worth every penny I spent on them, and has taught me so many useful things.  I have pages of notes!

To show you is probably the easiest way – this is an image of a rusted gate post at a cemetary in Naseby, from my Easter trip down south.

Unedited uncropped unprocessed RAW image straight from camera and uploaded

This is the RAW image, completely unprocessed, not even cropped.  Its flat and uninspiring, the ball on the top of the post is over exposed and the background is a distraction of blurry too bright grave stones.  What to do??

Process in LR5 only

Well this is what I did!  I confess it might be a little yellow in tone but thats easily fixed.

What did I do?

Global adjustments were the colour temp, crop and straighten, lens profile, bring up the white and black point, add a bit of contrast and clarity.

Specific adjustments, on the top of the main ball I underexposed and desaturated a smidge, then selected the whole ball and increased the clarity by quite a bit

I did a bit of editing in sections of the background to tone down the brightness and desat a bit and lower clarity to make it blurrier.  Its not great but its better than it was.

What did I do that was different to what I would have done?

Thats a really good question – before watching the videos I didn’t realise the true depth of what could be achieved with very localised specific adjustments and the number of things you could do to parts of an image.

I understood more about using black and white point to add more depth and dynamism in an image too.

This was my first real go at using some of the new techniques I learned and I picked a challenging image to work with first time, but I am pleased with how it came out.

What do you think? Did it come out OK?


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