Before and After – Manitoto Sunset post processing – updated

Another before and after post processing exercise as I learn to use my new skills.

I was setting up to take a sunset shot, and was fairly early.  One of the things I have learned is to look BEHIND you when a sunset is happening as the light can do funky things to the background, and here is a perfect example.  These low rolling hills were briefly lit up with glowing golden light and I took my opportunity to capture the moment.

Unedited uncropped RAW file – click to embiggen

Here is the original RAW file, its flat, the hills are hazy, the foreground is dark and the sky is soft.

Edited and post pro in LR 5 – click to embiggen

Here is the edited version.  What did I do?

Globally, lens profile, changed AWB to cloudy and manually adjusted, added a white and a black point. Cropped the top and the bottom for a more present feeling

The hills were locally selected and brightened, inc contrast and clarity and some adjustment of shadows and highlights till I got a more textured 3D feel of wha they were really like.

Brightened up grass in foreground, and added a grad ND to the sky and played a bit with settings till it had a bit more texture.

Here is the interesting thing tho, the third image below is what I would have done with my usual techniques before I watched the video series from EyeVoyage

See it doesn’t really look that much better than the first flat RAW file, as I have only applied global adjustments and added an ND grad to the sky.

I am SO happy I did invest in the videos, it taught me so much and its really simple stuff, but just stuff I didn’t know you could do!

Also I must confess I got this Before and After idea from a new blogging pal Stacy Fischer over at Visual Venturing – pop over and check her site out!


After I had a chance the view the below image on some different monitors at work I realised that the yellow tone was too bright and yellow and too harsh. At first I was at a loss as to how to fix it but I realised this morning I could go in and change the Yellow Hue slider and possibly tweak the exposure a smidge.

So here is the Before Finished Image

Final image with the lovely soft golden glow showing all the tucks and folds in the landscape

Here is the AFTER finished image, changing the yellow tone to more golden and lowering the exposure a tiny bit

Final image with yellow and exp toned down to a more natural golden hour look – click to embiggen

Its a subtle change but an improvement I think – do you agree?


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One Response to Before and After – Manitoto Sunset post processing – updated

  1. Bren says:

    I don’t know if you follow this Photographer or not but he has some wonderful ideas and tips about Lightroom… I have learnt a lot about Lightroom from him and also from Matt

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