Fancy Old Cash Register

I took the day off today to finish the major group assignment that is due in tomorrow, and it took me many many hours to get it completed, but the deed is now done.  Am very pleased (along with my team mates) as we were well sick of dealing with this for the last 6 weeks!  Guess why there haven’t been many blog posts lately 🙂  But I did have a break a while ago and process some more wedding shots…..

Keys on old cash register

So at the hair dressers on the morning of the wedding I shot back in May, there was the amazing old cash register. I am not sure what metal the outside was (possibly tin) and the keys were brass.  Of course there HAD to be photos taken 🙂

The side panel, incredibly detailed

And of course a Black and White composition – I realised later I should have taken all the stuff off before taking this shot, something to remember for next time.

It was a beautiful piece and lovely to see it still being appreciated and in use in this modern age.


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2 Responses to Fancy Old Cash Register

  1. kutukamus says:

    Come to think of it—about the stuff on the register, I think they kind of give some anachronistic concept about the whole thing. So frame-wise, no harm done. Just a little more fun. But that’s just me. 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      Cheers, I see where you were going with that, the difference between the old and the new 🙂 Just annoyed with myself that I didnt think to take the stuff of and get the solo shot.

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