Extending my Photographic Education – Reading and Researching

Oh Hai Interwebs!  Its been a while, where I have completed the Group Assignment that Ate the World (and we got 95%), studied for and sat my exam, and finished up at  112% YTD in my RL job for the end of financial year.  Its been a busy 6 months!

During this time I have not completely forgotten my photography, no I haven’t used my camera in a couple of months (partly cos my tripod is having a holiday elsewhere) but I have been reading and researching and thinking a lot about composition, technique, personal style and of course, post processing.

Through work I have acquired an iPad Air for a long term trial period.  This excited me because I have several photography ebooks I have purchased but struggled to fully utilise up til now.  A tablet is an AWESOME tool for reading and viewing reference ebooks on, especially when you need to use your normal computer to work through learning exercises etc.

Living Landscapes ebook by Todd and Sarah Sisson – the iconic Moeraki Boulders on the front page

At the same time I found out about a couple of awesome ebooks on Landscape Photography by Todd Sisson, who happens to be a fellow kiwi.  I grabbed both of them on special and have been absolutely delighted by them.  Todd shares many of my personal views on photography, and similar approaches to post processing.  Looking forward to working through his techniques in the second book, which is more focussed towards post processing.

Loving Landscapes by Todd and Sarah Sisson

If you are interested in landscape photography I really recommend both of these books, however the first one from a technical point of view is an excellent investment.

David du Chemin of Craft and Vision is another photographer who I had acquired ebooks for but not properly read til this week on the iPad.  Craft and Vision sell ebooks from several photographers but I have only tried the free ones from du Chemin himself and one other guy.  I recommend the free ones as a good taste for what quality you may get out of the other works.  The whole list of available books here.

I found a lot of sensible useful information in the Craft and Vision books, and I was challenged by some of the ideas and concepts in the Ten Ways to Improve your Photography books.

Ten More Ways by Craft and Vision

Another author I have heard people speak highly of is Galen Rowell, particularly his Mountain Light book. My library does not have it, but there are affordable copies on eBay so I might invest.  Many shooters who have been featured in magazines I read have referenced this book as having had great impact on them.

Galen was a mountain climber, photographer and a prolific writer of books and articles (many of which are featured on the website)

Of course I recently purchased the Post Processing Video series by Mitchell Kanashevich from EyeVoyage (I would give you a link but their website is incredibly slow – it appears to be broken –  to load so just try EyeVoyage.com).  This video series was the BEST investment in learning to improve my post pro techniques.  He does some shorter ebooks as well, a nice one about shaping light in different ways using minimal equipment.

I am working on mastering his techniques in my own work, and have a LOT of wedding photos to finish before class starts up again end July so expect so see more of them pop up here

So there you go, a little bit of light reading, some free some not.

Do you have any authors you particularly like, who you would recommend?


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