Anxiously awaiting the courier this week

A couple of weeks ago I FINALLY got my act together and ordered my new tripod head and brackets!!!

I got one of these – the Acratech GP Ballhead with Lever clamp.  And a RRS L plate for the 7D, lens plate for my 70-200 F4 IS and a nodal rail for Pano and macro.

Got a letter from customs about the RRS delivery and had to pay another $116 Duty and GST (how do they get to charge me GST on the duty anyway?)  but nothing about the Acratech order.

Turns out getting it delivered to my work address caused it to be held up.  Rang and left a message asking for it to be sent as a personal purchase, and hoping to see shiny boxes being delivered tomorrow or Tuesday hopefully!!

Was rather daunting spending so much money sight unseen on the outcomes (approx $1000 NZD all up) so I hope I made the right choices.

Will be so nice to have a tripod head that STAYS STILL and doesnt wobble or tilt and loving the idea of the L plates, no more tilting the camera over and bending my neck funny angles 🙂

Acratech GP ballhead with Lever Clamp


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6 Responses to Anxiously awaiting the courier this week

  1. Degies says:

    Let me know how that upside down pano feature works out. I have all Manfrotto gear with a MH055M0 Q5 as my main ball-head. The unit itself is great, but even panoramic video is an issue and can take a while to get the tripod level. For stills its not such a big issue.

    PS that is not a lot for gear though 🙂

  2. AmyRose says:

    Wow! Now that is a piece of equipment! xx Amy

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