Views of Christchurch Estuary Sunsets from my Archives

Apr 2010 sunset

So I recently sorted out the storage for my photos and now they are all on one drive.  While doing the transfer I spent some time looking through what was there for culling purposes and realised that there were some potentially nice images tucked away unprocessed.

Back when they were taken Lightroom didnt have the technology it does now and I didn’t have the post processing skills and knowledge so they had been written off as not worth the effort.  I have decided to revisit a few of these images and see what can be made of them today. 

2010 happened to be a great year for sunsets and the Estuary is a lovely place to shoot them and convenient to where I live.  I hope you enjoy these retrospective views of a favourite place for me.

A family of swallows nested under the jetty and were impossible to shoot in flight, this is the only time they landed and it was quite dark at the time, so I was pleased this cleaned up OK


I am quite fond of this time of night as the descending sun lights up the clouds in all shades of gold. You see more texture in the clouds when lit this way.

And finally a sky no one ever believes was really this colour but I can give you the RAW files to prove it. All I did here was add some tweaking to sharpen up the details and texture of the clouds, changing white balance to Cloudy and that was it. The sky REALLY was that colour!



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2 Responses to Views of Christchurch Estuary Sunsets from my Archives

  1. Jahnavi Kurapati says:

    I really liked your sunset picture in the top.. It’s great that you have all your unprocessed photos that you then thought were not worth the processing.. Not knowing the importance, for the first 6 months, i used to delete all the original RAW images that i couldnt work on.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Jahnavi. Because of limited storage space before I got my NAS I have had to go through and delete folders of photos. Mind you after 5 years of dedicated shooting I had a lot of stuff that I could get rid of but it surely is nice to have space to keep what I want.

      One of the habits I have got into is when I do my first couple of scans of the images after importing, is I mark all the duds and extra unnecessary images for deletion and then remove them completely. Thats one way of managing the no of files.

      I know that there will always be more 🙂

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