Making Mistakes

So there are some bad habits I have in my photography process, and some things that I do for the first time and have to then learn from them.  It is only by trying and failing that we actually do learn, so I am not too hard on myself most of the time.

But if those mistakes cost me what could be a once in a lifetime shot, it can be a bit frustrating. Mostly its just day to day stuff like this:

1.  Forgetting to charge my spare battery

2.  Forgetting to take the CF card out of the computer after I upload images (and forgetting to wipe it too)

3.  Not having a regular cleaning routine for my kit – including hardware and the bags (sand!)

4.  Forgetting to check my settings on the camera BEFORE I go out for a shoot (REALLY BAD AT THIS!)

5.  Not always allowing enough time to get to a shoot and be there to properly take advantage of the outing

6.  Not stopping when I am driving – sometimes I am OK but most of the time I think “will get it on the way back” but then I don’t

7.  Being a bit rough on gear – like putting my tripod in the sea and it fills up with sand in the legs (tho I recently found out how to take it apart and clean it, worked a treat)

8.  Not bothering to get my tripod out when I really should – but getting better at this one esp now I have my new tripod head

9.  Sometimes not being brave enough to go for a particular image, it might be in a place that is challenging for me to get to or a style I don’t feel comfortable in (like street photography)

10.  Getting so caught up in the moment I forget a critical thing

This shot would have been 100% sharp if I had remembered to TURN OFF MY CAR ENGINE!

Sound familiar? All of the shots above were taken when I did something silly or had no idea what I was doing at the time.

Make me feel better 🙂  What are your mistakes?


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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6 Responses to Making Mistakes

  1. loisajay says:

    #6 definitely! But sometimes I leave the camera at home will be too dark, there won’t be anything there..(fill in the blanks with excuses). Always a bad mistake.

  2. John says:

    They all look great to me. The first photo is interesting, is there a city in the distance?

  3. Ray Yanek says:

    Thank God the cat photo didn’t get ruined… absolutely love it! Love them all,actually.

    • lensaddiction says:

      That was my whiskery boy with the eyebrows, Sky a blue point birman. No longer with us so I treasure all the images I have of him. Glad you liked and thanks for taking the time to comment

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