The Copper Cathedral

Taken a week after the Sept 4 2010 quake, this was the Cathedral in all its evening glory – click to embiggen

In my post yesterday I mentioned finding the wonderful scale model of the Christchurch Cathedral which had been made by inmates of the local prison.  While this city is not the one I was born in, it has become home to me, and that was realised after the Feb22 quake which badly damaged the Cathedral.

Authorities continue to squabble debate the issue, unfortunately after some rash demolition decisions were made, which raised the ire of much of the city residents.  It was at that point that my own personal connection became realised.  Up til then I had not understood the stress friends and workmates were having at the demolition of random buildings, but when the Cathedral was slated to come down, I felt extremely emotional about that.

The Cathedral in March 2012 – the bell tower is now reduced to a mere stump – click to embiggen

It is a beautiful and iconic building, and various parties are lobbying to rebuild it, some of them are offering to do it for free ie lending their knowledge and experience so that another heritage building is not lost to the world.

Clearly these inmates felt some form of connection as well, and created this lovely replica out of copper scraps from their workshop sessions.

No more words from me, I will leave you to enjoy these gallery images


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6 Responses to The Copper Cathedral

  1. John says:

    Now that was a stupid choice. That cathedral should have been repaired.

  2. Ruth says:

    As a Cantabrian who is 1000s of miles from home, I find all of this highly emotive. The little copper model is fabulous and I thank you for bringing it to our attention. I just hope the original will be rebuilt

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hi Ruth, glad you liked my post, it was sheer circumstance that led me to find it while I had my camera but it was too good an opportunity not to share. It is a fabulous model and I hope that sense will prevail at some point!

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