Why do you Shoot?

What drives you to pick up your camera?  What inspires you to get up at dawn for a sunrise or spend days hiking over mountains and through snow or streams?

Whats your reason for being a photographer?

I became a photographer by accident mostly, at the time my passion was bellydancing and was trying to capture images of my fellow dancers with a low grade camera that didn’t do them justice.  At that point I made a promise to myself, if there came an opportunity and sufficient funds for me to invest in a proper DSLR then I would.

Eventually that day came, and I made a second promise to myself, that the kit would NOT sit on a shelf and collect dust, but efforts would be made to properly learn how to use it.  5 years later those efforts continue but the most interesting journey for me has been my relationship with the world and nature.

Suddenly the world appeared new and fresh to me, as my skills in composition developed, and my appreciation for light improved, landscapes became places of opportunity to stop and investigate, not drive through.

Holidays were planned to new and photographically interesting destinations.  I forced myself to stop and explore frequently, taking time out to find opportunities for images (like the moss and spiderweb above)

Very occasionally a delightful surprise would be encountered, like the toadstools at a cemetary (first image) or nearly driving past NZ’s very rare and rarely seen Native Falcon (image above).

But for those surprises to happen you have to make the effort to be open to them, to go to new places, be prepared to stop and take in the vistas, pause for a side trip to a waterfall or simply be somewhere new and be prepared to explore.

Photography has added so much richness to my life, taught me new things about the world, nature and to my surprise, myself.  I have made many new friends, gone new places, seen amazing things and best of all, made images that I can bring back and share with the world.

I shoot to capture those moments no one else would ever see otherwise, and share them so they can be enjoyed.  I shoot to challenge myself, to improve and grow as a photographer. I shoot to take myself out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries.

I shoot because this world has amazing creatures and places and I want to see and enjoy as many as I can, and share what I do see.

Why do you shoot?


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Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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4 Responses to Why do you Shoot?

  1. SherriS. says:

    Your magical mushroom grabbed me. It’s been a while since I’ve commented but hello again!

    I have always loved looking at photographs starting at my grandma’s house when I was a kid looking through her huge pile of them. She had photos of Hawaii and the California giant sequioa trees. We lived on the east coast in VA so that was pretty amazing to me.

    My first camera was given to me as a young teenager. Just a small Kodak 110. Over the years I’ve had lots of point and shoot cameras. Once my grandson came along, I finally invested in a digital dslr and it’s taken me on an incredible journey. I have to capture images or I feel like my soul hurts. I don’t make money with my hobby but I enjoy it as well as my family and friends. That’s all that matters really.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hi Sherri and welcome back, missed you 🙂 I love your line “I have to capture images or my soul hurts”

      Completely understand where you are coming from, for me I have to create in one way or another or I feel incomplete and for the last few years that has been fulfilled with photography and become a passion.

      Glad I am sharing it with you 🙂

  2. Brent says:

    I often go through posts, liking and seeing photographs that are ‘interesting’
    I like your topic, it made me think.
    I never really thought about why I like photography, I mean, my father has been interested in photography for quite some time, I wonder if it just rubbed off on me.
    I got my first Nikon camera when I was in high school, and just kind of took a few pictures here and there. I never took any photography classes, etc.
    And so, why do I shoot?
    I have no idea! I’ve always just been interested in photography. Just shooting pictures, and sometimes I don’t even care how they turn out! I don’t always try to find the best picture, composition, lighting, etc.
    Love your post though!
    It sure made me think for a minute!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hey Brent, I had to think about it a lot too, I posted a similar post a few years ago and tho I didnt check it I think my answer is probably quite different now.

      If I had to distill it down to one sentence, I would shoot because being out with my camera making images makes me happy. Suspect I am not alone there.

      Thanks for taking the time to read, and think and comment!

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