Melbourne 2010 – Architecture

One of the things that surprised me on this trip to Melbourne was seeing so much wonderful old stone buildings and architecture in the city centre.  I spent a lot of time walking the streets so I saw many of them and did my best to capture some images.

I have little experience and knowledge of architectural photography and even less 4 years ago, so forgive me if these images are a little quirky.  In trying to capture the interesting bits without power poles, cars, buses and people, my compositions are a little on the creative side.

I think this is the Theatre

Colourful planters outside the Theatre

Melbourne is a lovely city to walk in, the central area is not huge, and there are many sites to see and alleyways to duck down and explore.  The pavements are laid with slabs of a hard grey rock that I found very tiring to walk on, my calf muscles ached all the time I was there!

Manchester Building

So many of the older buildings were really creatively build, with much decoration and detail to make them stand out from the bland facades of modern buildings.  One even had gargoyles!

Detail of the top of the Manchester Building

I follow the lovely Leanne Cole’s blog and she lives in Melbourne and does lovely architectural images.  From her I realised that the inside of many of these buildings is also well preserved, but it never occured to me to go inside as many of them were clearly office or apartment buildings in use.

Taking photos of buildings in a busy city is hard!


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3 Responses to Melbourne 2010 – Architecture

  1. Beautiful post… the city looks so neat and the architecture is really interesting.

    I am also a fan of Leanne Cole’s images from Melborne 🙂 but here you have captured and presented them with a different perspective and mood…

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thankyou, the city is lovely and I was fascinated by the architecture but frustrated by how challenging it was to take good unobstructed photos of.

      • You are absolutely right, it’s so hard to photograph in crowded places, unless and until we are photographing the crowd.

        I used to face it and only way is to wait 🙂

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