Melbourne 2010 – More Architecture

Have I said how much I enjoy the new perspective editing functionality in LR5?  Click one button and it does all the adjustments for you, analysing the image and straightening it and all the clever stuff!

It would help if I had framed up my images better, it has been an interesting experience editing images taken 4 years ago and wanting to smack myself back then, for not doing a better job 🙂  In reality, this kind of photography is not really my thing, have no real experience in it, but certainly feel like I could have done a better job if I was to go back now!

Take this image of the church archway for example, took two shots, one cut the stairs off so wasn’t useable, but this one chopped of the top of a spire on the left hand side even tho I did managed to capture the main framing above, it was all the stuff around the edges where my lack of attention to detail is revealed.  So frustrating!

So many wonderful building details, this decorative arch framed with fancy lamps – do they call these carrige lamps?

And from the inside looking out, notice the security camera.  It must be noted the importance of shooting RAW here, when you look at the unprocessed file, it is completely black, looks like a silhouette with no detail.  However when I started playing a bit with LR, tweaking the exposure and shadow sliders a bit further than usual, some detail in the brickwork was revealed.

Was the first time I tried editing an image that I would have considered unretrievable normally, and a testament to how powerful Lightroom really is.

I hope you are enjoying my trip down memory lane through these images, I certainly am!


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