Dealing with Computer Problems

Fire Dancer

So I work in the IT industry and am a bit paranoid about data and backing it up so I don’t lose the last 5 years of images.  To that end a NAS was acquired late last year, except it has performed really badly and in fact was damn near unuseable – kept losing its connection to the network so I couldn’t access any images to view or work on them.

Turned out it needed a major firmware update.  Bad news is the update will restore the NAS to factory reset (wiping all the images)  Worst news is that cos I can’t get the damn thing to stay online I CAN’T BACKUP ALL THE IMAGES ON IT!!!

Its been a bit stressful but luckily I have a technical friend who lives nearby and works for food and alcohol who has the same brand of NAS at home.  He is trying to get the data off for me and then will do the firmware update and hopefully all will be well!

Seagull having a bath

In the mean time one of the drives in my C: array (I have a mirrored pair so that if one fails the other will still carry on) has also failed.  Because of the pair its not quite so stressful but I can’t get a replacement drive to match.

Spent the last week assessing pricing of standard SATA drive or upgrading to a pair of SSD.  My biggest problem was the amount of data I had on C:  – too much to fit on a 120GB SSD – the capacity I can afford.

My music and some older photos took up some space but there was still a LOT of extra data leftover.  A tip from a customer sent me to Treesize – there is a free version that will tell you EXACTLY how much data you have in folders really quickly!

Turned out I had a lot of video files and a whole heap of stuff in my Downloads folder (many many Adobe updates LOL) so this evening I have been moving them all over to my D: drive which is another pair of mirrored drives that my photos used to be on.

Next week I will get the SSD and hopefully get them installed and should see a major performance improvement.  Important if I am going to start getting creative in Photoshop!

So apologies if things are a bit quiet here over the next few days, I will be back 🙂

In the meantime enjoy these images from my archives

Forget Me Not


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5 Responses to Dealing with Computer Problems

  1. loisajay says:

    Did you do that on purpose—end with ‘Forget me not’? I love it! Good luck with your computer…

  2. brenda says:

    great images…got lost in technical info…hope all of it eventually comes together and you are out of this dark confusing forest…

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Brenda, its annoying thats for real, and more money to be spent *sigh*

      Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon!

      • Raden Adams says:

        Dang girl, you just almost described exactly the same crap that I have been dealing with on a weekly basis and if I didn’t love photography so much I would throw both computers and the numerous hard drives in a lake somewhere. I can’t really afford a backup NAS system like you have right now so I have 2 WD 1gb externals on each of my laptops and about 6 other smaller drives that are now all full but it’s one thing after the next with me. Right now that damn windows 10 update has got my computer’s acting crazy now as it did not install right and now none of its working. I am doing a full scan right now to check for malware because of the way things are acting. But it’s been this way for the last year and I hardly have time to relax and just edit my photos in peace.. But, I have had Lightroom and Photoshop for several years and lately, those two programs have more and more bug and performance problems everytime Adobe does an update. Lightroom freezes up and quits after you do a little heavy editing with brushes and stuff on just the first photo your working on. Then, you spend the next 4 hours waiting and working on LR trying to get it working as it should. But, just a couple of days ago, I had everything working good, and the latest major Adobe update f**ked me good. Photoshop, CC 2017 won’t open and gives me a error code and advises me that I will have to completely uninstall everything clean and reinstall again and that might work. Camera Raw doesn’t even respond to anything, Adobe Bridge is now CC 2017 also and it won’t open and all of a sudden tells me that I don’t have permission to open it!! Damnit. But, I found out that it is a common bug and is happening to lots of people. About a year ago one of my laptops just went blue screen and then died so I had to do a complete reset that wiped out everything on it except for the stuff that was on it when it first came out of the factory. It worked great then but I had to start all over installing my programs and everything. My external hard drives have held up good but those computers and crazy programs screwed with them and the back ups by somehow sending all kinds of files that weren’t scheduled to be backed up by the thousands and just flooded my drives with so much bullshit that I will never get them all cleaned up properly. Anyway, that’s not even nearly everything but I will stop there. I, too, am upgrading my internal drives to the Samsung 850 EVO and my other drives might not be quite as full as yours but they are not far behind and I have been wondering how I was going to determine what could stay on the new drive and what has to be moved. The 500 gb are now affordable but I need to buy two, so? I upgraded my memory, which did help but I really am excited about going to the SSD drives and then we will really have to keep almost everything on our external drives because the SSD’s drives will probably be much smaller as it all just depends on how large of one that you can afford to buy. But, they are now much more affordable than they were. So, I just happened to run across your blog and it was so damn close to the hair pulling shit I have had to deal with lately that I just laughed the entire time I was reading.

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