A Camera Bag designed for Women by F-Stop

Everyone knows that the quest for the Perfect Camera Bag is the Holy Grail for photographers 🙂  But if you are a woman its even harder.  Nearly all the bags in the market appear to be designed by men who are at least 6 feet tall.  If you are shorter and curvier in different places, quite frankly its a right pain in the tits!

Several months ago I commented on a review of the F-Stop Loka and the reviewer kindly contact me today to advise that F-Stop have designed a bag specially for women, and put it on Kickstarter.

Yes, dear readers, I backed it 🙂

Even at $199 USD, if it doesn’t fit, I am sure I can find someone keen to take it off my hands who it does suit better.  Having done reading around the F-stop brand when considering purchasing the Loka, I was comfortable with the quality and design principles.  It also has one major advantage I want in a backpack, a built in hydtration bladder!

So head over ladies and take a look, even if it doesn’t spin your wheels, please boost the signal so it has the best chance of being backed and that way I get a shiny new bag 🙂


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