Finally ordered some Lee Filters

A couple of years ago I began to pay attention to landscape photographers and their tricks for getting great images.  It became clear that investing in some ND grad filters would be a good idea if I wanted to take a certain style of images, and while there are a range of options available, waiting and saving up for the best in the market was my choice.

Yesterday I placed an order for the below from Amazon!

Lee Filters Grad Kit – Lee Filters Graduated Neutral Density Kit includes Lee Foundation Kit, 77mm Wide Angle Ring, Lee 4×6 Grad ND Hard Edge Set and Lee 4×6 Grad ND Soft Set with 2filter cleaning kit

Lee Filters Big Stopper

MindShift Gear Filter Hive

This gives me the foundation for hopefully many years of learning and experiementing and shooting with filters, and with the Big Stopper, playing with really long exposures.  It was my treat for all the study I have done over last two years, dedicating what had been my photography time towards the study, and also passing my big exam this week.

Hopefully it should arrive early Jan while I am still on holiday and have some time to play 🙂 So excited!!!

Did you get yourself a treat for Xmas?



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5 Responses to Finally ordered some Lee Filters

  1. Yes, I did treat myself to some fuzzy onezie pajama’s LOL! I hope you do some brilliant photography with your new lenses and I look forward to viewing the results. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yay for treats, yours sounds cozy and warm, I see the winter is hitting hard in places up north

      • I hear it is too. I live in the Four Corners area (the corner where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet). It has been very cold here! LOL But nothing like it is up north.

      • lensaddiction says:

        Well its summer here 🙂 Trying to be anyway but it was a lovely warm day today.

        You live in a part of the world I lust after visiting, all that amazing scenery!

      • Ah yes, go into the Colorado part and you are in the mountains and lakes or Anasazi Indians ancient cliff dwellings. Go into the Arizona part and you are in the desert. Sedona, AZ is the “red desert and red rocks”. Go into the Utah part and around Moab is very beautiful red rock formations.

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