A Walk on New Brighton Beach

New Brighton beach with the coast in the distance – Click to embiggen

Today was my favourite kind of weather day, warm and overcast and only a slight wind.  It got better as the day went on, started out hot and bright and sunny – 28 deg C was the expected high.

Once it cooled down I pondered my options and decided to drive out to the beach with my camera (the old one, no salt wind and sand on my new precious!) and wander and enjoy the lovely weather.

Further away from the swimming section there were not as many people walking as I expected, but still plenty to get in the way of a shot, and leave me standing there urging the slow people to walk out of frame any time soon!

Walking back to the car, the light was very soft and the clouds were quite luxurious so I setup the tripost for some sea and sky shots, this was my favourite.  Love the texture and luminous light in the clouds 🙂

Shot details:  7D and 17-55mm lens, shot at 21mm.  ISO 100, F9 for 1/100 sec.  Daylight WB in camera and processed in LR with some global tweaks of exposure, contrast, highlights and then an ND grad over the sky with more tweaks to bring out the cloud detail.

I felt very at peace with my place in the world taking this shot, I wanted to show the immensity of the sky and the endlessness of the sea and land and how it endures.




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7 Responses to A Walk on New Brighton Beach

  1. This is beautiful. It feels like “other-worldly.”

  2. loisajay says:

    Mission accomplished on this one. Gorgeous shot!

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