Experimenting with PS Grunge techniques – St Bathans Cottage

Cabin in St Bathans – Digital Art Grunge style – click to embiggen

Recently I enrolled in a PS Fine Art Grunge course online and it has been a revelation, uncovering all sorts of concepts and techniques within Photoshop that I had no idea existed or that you could even do half of this stuff.

It has been a real education for me and I am powering through the videos, taking pages of noted.  However the BEST way to learn is to actually do the stuff, but up til now with the Horrible Holiday Headcold, I haven’t really felt creative or had enough energy.

Today after beating iTunes into quivering submission (long story) I decided it was time to be creative and trolled through my archives for inspiration.  The last video class I watched was Grunging Landscapes and I visited the old village of St Bathans last year and decided this shot had potential.

What I did:

– base editing in LR to process to usual image standard – global WB, highlights, contrast, clarity, saturation and a grad ND to tone down the sky brightness
– in PS I removed the powerlines using the patch tool
– added a scratched up texture layer, blended with overlay mode
– duplicated layer and toned down the texturing on the building a bit
– added in a coloured texture layer to age the image and blend it all harmoniously

What do you think?  I wanted the image to feel as old and well used as the building, perhaps it was found tucked in a corner or underneath a piece of furniture inside?

Here is the original LR image for comparison

Original image after LR processing

I am very much a beginner at this but thoughts, feedback, tips and pointers all welcome!

The processing style may not be your personal preference but I am definately interested to hear what you think.  As I have learned from the One Four challenge, an outside POV can be extremely valuable 🙂

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8 Responses to Experimenting with PS Grunge techniques – St Bathans Cottage

  1. Good transformation into a grunge cabin.

  2. vedaeddy says:

    I think it is really a neat treatment. I am still exploring PS (i have elements only). How did you add the scratched up texture layer and colored texture layer? Are they backgrounds in the graphic panel?

    • lensaddiction says:

      Does elements have layers? I’ve never used it.

      The texture layer was black on a white background, it’s added in as a layer on top of th base image and blended w overlay mode. Then the colour texture layer is added on top of both with its own blend mode.

      Opacity for each was bought down a bit to blend in better and I used masks and brushes at different opacity to touch up parts of the image. I don’t know if you can do any of that in elements

      • vedaeddy says:

        Yes Elements has layers, at least Elements 12 does which is what I have. I think I can do all the things you mentioned (if I ever get smart enough to figure it all out). Thanks for more details as I really like adding the textures and the grunge look.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Oh the two texture layers were images in their own right, my course gives me access to a big library of these texture files to use. You can find stuff like that online but I think you have to pay for the real big files

  3. Love what you did. 😀

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