Exploring Lyttleton Harbour

View from Allandale Reserve with the tide all the way out

Today was a ‘trip out with my camera’ day! Tired of being at home sick I decided to go driving around Lyttleton Harbour which is on the otherside of the hill from where I live.  Not somewhere I have spent a lot of time exploring, which is a shame as it has lots of interesting bays tucked away down rather scary and very narrow roads!

I wanted some old cemetary shots so did one in town not far from where I live and then headed over to Lyttleton but most of the headstones were broken and fallen over, damage from the big earthquakes nearly 5 years ago.

Then I hit the road, driving the very winding tight curving road along the harbour, admiring the views in very brief glimpses. I saw a long jetty in one small bay, and very nervously drove quite slowly down the VERY NARROW road to the bottom.  Unfortunately just as I got there two cars of families with loads of kids also arrived so I only got time to take these shots.

Jetty at Rapaki Bay – click to embiggen

Rapaki Bay Jetty – click to embiggen

I couldn’t decide which orientation worked better, I like the landscape one because it shows more of the lumpy bits in the background 🙂

There was also an old wooden church with a small cemetary that I wandered around and liked this arrangement with the old rusted leaning fence and the long grass.

I couldnt tell how old this stone was, but it looks a good 100 years or so – click to embiggen

Of course, I had to do a couple of BW conversions with Nik Silver Efex on a couple of these images!

Click to embiggen

Click to embiggen

I did drive around to the other side and took some images, and even got a shot of a kingfisher! But its unseasonably cold here today, and my hands are numb, so will post those tomorrow!



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8 Responses to Exploring Lyttleton Harbour

  1. nzsnapper says:

    Nice to see the Rapaki pier open again!

  2. leecleland says:

    Don’t other peoples kids just bug you! Just kidding, but when you want to take photos in an isolated place . . . . . . I really like the landscape shot because of more rocks in the foreground as well as more ‘lumpy bits in the background’ 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      To be fair, Dad did offer to round them up, but I really wanted some quiet time to just sit and….. be with my surroundings, and that wasn’t happening. Instead I drove round the other side and saw a huge kingfisher instead 🙂

  3. Such amazing photos! Very beautiful. I tried seeing dates on the grave stone but much too deteriorated. I would image they would be older than 100 years (in my humble opinion). I look forward to seeing the other photos tomorrow. I just had a brainstorm a few minutes ago that I would like to take a trip to Durango, Colorado tomorrow with my friend for an impromptu and take some photos. I think you have now just helped me make up my mind! 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      I am a firm believer that everyone should take any opportunity for impromptu road trips, they are the best kind in my experience 🙂

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