First go with Lee Big Stopper Filter

Shot in Manual Mode ISO 100, WB Daylight, 18mm at F9 and a 15 second exposure – Click to Embiggen

Of course as soon as my Lee Filters arrive we got hot sunny days with no clouds in the sky, and I particularly wanted to try and get the cool streaky cloud effect.ย  Today was really hot, nearly 30 deg C and I went out for a bit and then came home and napped thru the hottest part of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

I could see some clouds starting to layer the sky in the evening and decided to head down to the beach, as the tide was only an hour away from hitting High Tide so would be flowing in nicely.

Set my tripod up as low as I could get it with the central pole still vertical and got as close to the water as I felt safe.ย  According to the card provided with the Big Stopper, around 10 second exposure should have been about right, but it looked dark on my camera, so I played around with longer options, up to 30 seconds.ย  Need to figure out how to set up the camera for longer exposures, I know the 7D Mk ii can do that, its one of the reasons I got it!

30 sec exposure – Landscape orientation, it wasn’t composed very well as to the position of the bit of driftwood – click to embiggen

Not a lot was done to these in post process, just a bit of tweaking the usual settings, exp, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks, clarity and vibrance, but only a little bit.ย  The images are quite blue toned, and its not clear at this stage if there is a colour cast on my filter or just the fact it was bright blue sky and reflection onto the sea and sand.

It was a bit frustrating not being able to select exactly the number of seconds I wanted, rather than the options the camera gave me, but it was easy in manual mode to set the camera up without the filter, focus then switch to manual focus, put the filter on and then work my way through different exposure times.

Need to work on my manual focus technique a bit better too, hard to do when your tripod is setup really low on wet sand and your neck only bends so far LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone with experience of this kind of long exposure shooting feel free to offer any hints and tips, all comments welcome ๐Ÿ™‚


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16 Responses to First go with Lee Big Stopper Filter

  1. nzsnapper says:

    Looks like a goid start, you will want to find bulb mode for exposures longer than 30s – and a remote release if you can. For focussing since your are probably on a reasonably small aperture f/8 to f/11 maybe prefocus before putting the camera on the tripod. Another useful trick is to up the iso for test shots that way you dont have to wait 30s to see youve framed the composition badly anddont have to take the filter on and off risking moving the focus. You might find live view helps too.

    • lensaddiction says:

      OK BULB mode was what I was looking for on my camera yesterday but couldnt remember where it was for the longer exp. Im puzzled that if I can set my exposure to whatever time I want, why do I need a remote release as well. Only have to set up the camera and press the shutter button surely?

      I prefocussed with auto focus then switched the lens to manual, and thought that would work but maybe not. Yes I should have remembered live view but I use it so rarely!

      Thanks for the tips, I have found bulb mode now ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. They look beautiful to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Leanne Cole says:

    You will need a remote shutter release because when the camera is in bulb mode it will open and stay open as long as the shutter button is pressed, you can’t keep your finger on the shutter button for longer than 30seconds, you will introduce camera shake. So you get a remote shutter release that will let you lock the shutter button closed until you unlock it and the shutter closes. Is that making sense?
    Great first attempts, onwards and upwards. I can’t wait to get mine now.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hi Leanne and thanks for the reply, it makes perfect sense except for the fact that the 7D mk ii is different, it now has a bulb timer so you don’t have to hold it down (one of the reasons I bought it)

      “You can preset the bulb exposureโ€™s exposure time. With the bulb timer, you need not hold down the shutter button during the bulb exposure.
      This reduces camera shake. The bulb timer can be set only in the (Bulb) shooting mode. It cannot be set (or will not function) in any other shooting mode”

      It was scary but fun going out for the first time, Im heading out again soon to try out the bulb mode for a longer exposure and see what happens. Im sure you will make amazing images with yours when it arrives ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. leecleland says:

    What fun with a new gaget and of course the learning curve that comes with it. Love the portrait shot though it does seem a bit too blue (I like blue so it really doesn’t worry me). Totally understand the neck bend bit, live view has saved me from looking the complete idiot many times and the expense of a physio.

    • lensaddiction says:

      My neck was damaged in a car accident 15 years ago and never come right, the only thing that keeps me mobile is lots of stretching exercises and regular monthly visits to a theraputic massage therapist, so its a real problem for me !

      I will have to take some test shots on a really grey overcast day to see if I get a blue tint, will have to account for that in my processing

      • leecleland says:

        Ouch that’s a real nasty problem Stacy, lens view will help but not in all situations ๐Ÿ™‚

      • lensaddiction says:

        Yes its sometimes a real challenge to get the really extreme angles but its just the way life is, you deal and you carry on ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. SherriS. says:

    I love all the different tones of blue! I looked at the photo and thought that and as I scrolled down I see someone commented on it. I love blue too…and if this is an accident it’s a good one.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Sherri, it looks like the filter does have a bit of a blue tint, but it seems to be cancelled out fairly easily with some adjustment of the white balance tonings ๐Ÿ™‚

      I like blue too!

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