Exploring Lyttleton Harbour Pt 2

Lyttleton Cemetary

Part 2 of my road trip around Lyttleton Harbour and cemetaries along the way led me to Lyttleton Cemetary, perched precariously on the steep side of a hill and the road to get to it is tiny and narrow and only room for one car and I was terrified I would meet one coming the other way!

Unfortunately many of the headstones broke and fell over in the Feb22 quake, but I particularly liked this view, with some of the remaining big headstones and the top of the peak behind them showing how rugged this area is.

A more modern section in the middle had lots of tiers where soldiers from WWI and WWII were buried, with this simple but poignant marble plaque at the lowest level.  I liked how the stains from the letters look like tears.

In the middle of the gravel on the image above was a faded pink fabric flower, I don’t know why it was there and what its story was, but it clearly had a history

Faded pink rose – click to embiggen

Onwards to Rapaki Bay and the jetty, which I have already posted, and then round to Charteris Bay and the next one over Hay Bay, which is where I stopped.  There was a huge amount of construction of new houses going on, and also a steep but short trail down to the shoreline, where I walked down.

Hay Bay – click to embiggen

The beach under the trees was completely covered in rocks and a bit challenging to walk on, but worth it as there were interesting formations at the base of the cliffs and I saw a kingfisher.  Unfortunately I left my camera bag with the long lens in the car, so I got as close as I could and snapped the below.

He was a good sized fellow and I could see his white belly from a distance and slowly stalked him until I was a few metres away.  My first ever kingfisher photo, they are very shy fast moving birds.

I walked up to the point and being careful of my ankles, came back again and then decided it was time to head home.

Hay Bay, the kingfisher was perched on the tree branch in the water when I disturbed his fishing – click to embiggen


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