From the Archives – Estuary Sunset 2011

Estuary Sunset Aug 2011- click to embiggen

Still not 100% better, in fact I came home early today and slept for 3 hrs over lunchtime, hopefully will be well enough to go back to work tomorrow.

Upgraded to LR 5.7.1 – for some reason it didn’t do it automatically this time, and while it was doing its thing I spent some time perusing my archives and found this image.

Taken in Aug 2011 after the Feb22 earthquake, this area is now completely different, the coastline was so badly damaged the walking track has been closed, and nearly all of the mature pine trees have been removed.  They either fell over, broke or were shaken loose at the roots they were in danger of falling over.  Its a shame as it has completely changed the way the area looks but had to be done for safety reasons.

This shot was taken before all that happened so you can see the trees in the distance next to the bridge and the road.

Post Pro steps:

Didn’t do a lot in LR, changed WB to Cloudy and tweaked the sliders a bit but the interesting thing I did do was on the foreground.

I used an ND grad reversed ie coming from the bottom up and increased the exposure so that lightened up the foreground and bought back enough realistic light and colour to reflect how it was at the time.

As always, tips, tricks, advice, feedback and comments welcome.

Does it look natural to you?


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  1. It does look natural to me.

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