Computer now working but I may have lost my backup data

We couldn’t fix the problems I was having so did a clean install but my backup data on D: is now gone….. which has all my emails for the last 10 years or so and all my bookmarks and passwords and stuff


Good news is Im going, bad news is all my Photo Challenge images were on D: including my two entries for Mondays One Four Week 4.

Trying not to get too upset and hopefully its retrievable, but I had backed up everything off my C: onto my D: so this wouldnt happen, all my music (and iTunes settings), ebooks, videos, and all my Tbird and Firefox profiles that store all my emails and bookmarks.

I had a LOT of info stored in my emails which is a bit annoying


Not a lot I can do about it and its possible it can be retrieved but ARRRGGHHHH!!


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6 Responses to Computer now working but I may have lost my backup data

  1. Oh Dear! Hope you find everything soon. 😦

  2. It is always a pain when the computer stops working. We take them so much for granted now. And even it is all retrieved, things like bookmarks don’t return and have to be re-established.

  3. leecleland says:


  4. Raden Adams says:

    Ha Ha, I just now see this post of yours and if you read my last response to your other post you will now know that I just had to do this same damn thing to my computer so it would work again. But, like you, I noticed it getting bad and I quickly moved as much as I could to my D drive and then it quit. I will never know exactly what I did save and what is lost and gone forever but all I could do was just say to heck with it and try to forget and not think about the stuff that I lost. I still constantly find things here and there that are missing and it pisses me to no end but it’s probably gone. When I first noticed that it was going bad I moved tons of files onto several WD 1 gb passport drives trying not to have to send it all to my backup drives first so I pretty much have files and things scattered over several drives. Now, I don’t want to transfer all of that data back onto my working drives again and fill them up so I am like you and I think that I did save most of my stuff but I know some of it is history and the thing is, you don’t really know what all was lost but you know some was.

    • Sounds pretty painful! I still have win 7 and original cd versions of ps and LR so have missed out on the trials imposed on all the subscription people. I look d at the EVO ssd but got the intel at a better price. It certainly made a difference in performance of my machine which is nearly six years old now! Good luck!

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