Before photography there were Fractals

file_169378Before I discovered photography I spent a long time playing in the world of fractals.  Its fascinating and amazingly pretty and artistic.  Along the way I found a program called Xenodream that did something incredible, it created 3 d fractal models and allowed you to shape them in all sorts of interesting ways and also apply colour and light and texture.

display_155329What really appealed to me was with Xenodream you DIDN’T need to know all the complicated maths to make it happen, it was simply a matter of twiddling with the settings and seeing what you got at the end.  I’m a champion twiddler and had a lot of fun just exploring all the different shape possibilities.

display_105673As each version of XD was released, we go new shape options and new possibilities and ways to create images.  Colour application got more finesse and lighting got more creative.

display_161336Effects like glass and metal and plastic were possible to apply to our shapes and many many hours were spent waiting for the computer to finish rendering our shape so we could start to apply colours and lighting and see what the outcome was.

The waiting was hard but worth it for the fun in making our shape come to life in new and interesting ways.


I remember when STRIPES became possible to have control over, what colours you could use, how they would be applied on the image, the alignment with the holons.  So much more creative experimentational fun ensued!

display_84570NZ National symbol is the silver fern. this was one of the last images I made before changes in life circumstances and lack of computer access for a while meant I lost my connection with XD and fractals.  I still have the software and it has continued to be supported and upgraded.  One day I hope to return and see what new exciting things it is capable of doing, esp now we have 3d printers capable of rendering these shapes!

A slideshow of some XD images from my archives

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I see a similarity in these shapes to the images I have been experimenting with in the post processing challenges, a strong textural subject taking center stage 🙂

What fun things did you do before photography found you and ate all your spare time LOL?



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12 Responses to Before photography there were Fractals

  1. desleyjane says:

    I can’t even remember a time B.P.
    But I love these fractal patterns you’ve created! Just stunning!! I’m a fan of symmetry in general, all my pictures in the wall have to be aligned just so!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks, yes I have had a camera in my hand at times in my life but not as dedicated as the last 7 years have been. I did used to have time for other things.

      Fractals are cool and yes very symmetrical in their way 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Very, very, VERY cool! I’ll have to see if there’s a similar non-Photoshop app. IT looks like it was a lot of fun! Third image is my favorite 🙂

    BTW — you should see this, if you have time. A documentary by Arthur C. Clarke on Fractals called “the Colors of Infinity”. Even has Pink Floyd in the background! Trippy!

    Think of the *work* that went into this video — because it was in the early days of high-powered computing, really.

  3. lauramacky says:

    Quite talented you are!

  4. Amazing work Stacey. Love the silver fern.

  5. Katalina4 says:

    Gorgeous. Pretty pretty pretty….

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