For those new to Lightroom – a training video deal – UPDATED with full list of topics

Ages ago I signed up for Photzy, where they send you quite discounted deals on photography ebooks and training videos, and now and then I sign up for one, and so far have not been disappointed.

I know a few people on the One Four Challenge are new to Lightroom and thought you might be interested in a look at this deal

Super Photo Editing Skills  – help you master Lightroom and transform your images

Its 40% off which is a good deal in my books 🙂 7+ hrs of video tutorials and other stuff, and 40 LR Presets included in the deal.

I have never tried it but all the Photzy deals are Money Back if you are not satisfied.

Anyway I thought it might be of interest, so sharing it out there – enjoy!

Here’s the EXACT breakdown of every topic covered in this training package-


• Setting Up Lightroom For Awesome Photo Editing
• Importing Your Pretty Photos
• Essential Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow


• A Private Tour Of The Develop Module
• Why the Crop Tool is Awesome
• Controlling The Adjustment Sliders Efficiently
• Colour Correction Made Easy
• The Magic Of The Histogram
• The Magic 6: Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites & Blacks
• The Critical Difference Between Vibrance & Saturation, And When To Use Them
• The Trick To Using Clarity
• Destroying Vampires With Red Eye Correction
• Cleaning Up Your Photos with Spot Removal
• Super Powerful & Super Easy Graduated Filters
• Is the Adjustment Brush the Coolest Tool in Lightroom?
• Becoming A SuperHero With The Tone Curve
• Hue, Saturation & Luminance, And Taking Control of Colour
• Intro to Super Black and Whites
• Intro to Gorgeous Colour with Split Toning
• Taking Control of Sharpening
• Amazing Noise Reduction
• Better Images With One Click With Lens Correction
• Defeating Chromatic Abberation
• Don’t Let Your Viewer Fall: When To Use A Vignette
• Getting The Film Look With Grain


• Full Res & Web Size Export Settings Revealed


• Lightroom and Workflow Time Saving Secrets
• Why Presets Are Your Best Friend Forever
• Tips On Shooting For Lightroom


• The Secret Recipe for Super Black and Whites
• When To Make A Photo Black And White
• Creating A Black And White: Start To Finish


• Adding Custom Colour Toning To Your Images
• Creating A Colour Image: Start to Finish


• How To Create Infinite Sepias & Duotones


• Fixing Underexposed Photos
• Difficult Colour Correction
• Basic Retouching in Lightroom
• Easy Face Brightening
• Bye Bye Sensor Dust
• Creative Cropping
• Experimental Color Effects
• Rescuing Out Of Focus Images
• The Skin Tone Trick
• Getting A Selective Focus Tilt Shift Effect
• Keywording is Key
• Effortless Organization


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