Hamilton Island – Long Exposures

2 min Exposure of tide coming in – Click to embiggen

You may have noticed a lot of reposted articles recently, I was away at a conference in Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays of the northeast cost of Australia.

For this southern lass it was VERY hot and tropical and humid, fortunately there was a pool and the sea very nearby, tho the sea was so warm it was like being in a bath!  I was in Hawaii about 20 years ago and remember the water being quite cold and was very disappointed but not at Hamilton Island, the water was very warm and very salty 🙂

While a lot of time was spent travelling and some time was spent doing actual conference stuff, there was a lot of time to relax as well.  OF COURSE I TOOK MY CAMERA!!!!

I have found the secret to the perfect sunrise too, go somewhere else in the world where the sunrises a lot later and at a much more civilised time LOL.  Hamilton Island is three hours behind NZ time so sunrises there were 6am which was really 9am for me, much better for a non morning person but it did make for some long days.

5 min exposure on a very windy morning hence the blurry plants – Click to embiggen

These shots were taken on my last morning, I had noticed a small rocky bay at one end of the beach and thought it might be nice to try some long exposures.  Shot the sunrise first and then moved over to the rocks, put on the Lee Big Stopper and experimented.

It was very windy that morning so you can see some of the plants are all blurry as they were moving with the wind.  The white circle in the water was flotsam floating on the top of the water that circled around as the waves came in, I must have been at the right angle to capture it, as you don’t see it in the first image.

These were taken just after sunrise so it is still quite dark which meant I could do the 5 and 2 min exposures and have then end up quite daylight looking. Both shots processed in LR5.

Lots more pix from the Island to come as I work through them, and yes the water really was that amazing aqua colour!

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10 Responses to Hamilton Island – Long Exposures

  1. Beautiful photos. Love the soft effect on the water and the blurry trees too!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Karen, I like the soft effect with the water with the longer exposure. The blurry trees were beyond my control cos it was quite windy

  2. lauramacky says:

    Lovely tones…dreamy!

  3. katieprior says:

    Great effect, the water looks so soft. It looks amazing there, can’t wait to see some of the others. 🙂

  4. leecleland says:

    Wow, I was on Lady Elliot Island at the same time ! Just a bit south of Hamilton Island and weren’t we lucky to be back home before Cyclone Marcia came through that area. Looking forward to seeing more of what you shot on another island at the same time.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes I was almost wishing we got stuck there but it might have been a bit too exciting LOL Fancy us both being in the same part of the world at the same time 🙂

      • leecleland says:

        Yep, could nearly reach out and hug you 🙂 Glad I wasn’t there, Lady E.’s highest spot is max. 5m above sea level and I think we would have been evacuated back to the mainland and missed most of a great week.

      • lensaddiction says:

        Well Ham Islands highest spot is 900+ m above sea level and I WALKED UP IT!! That story with pix is to come 🙂

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