Trey Ratcliff Lightroom Tutorial on special

Now I haven’t purchased this deal myself but I have attended a day long workshop where Trey took us through his editing process and I learned HEAPS – in fact it was there I learned about the power of the ND Grad filter in LR and how it can make cloudy skies so much more improved.

So for anyone new to LR or looking to expand their skills this looks like a pretty good deal but only on for 48 hrs so GET IN QUICK!!

Trey Ratcliff Lightroom Tutorial on Special

Trey’s Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners and Beyond (BONUS BUNDLE)

SAVE $30! The BONUS Bundle includes:
– 2013 Collection of Trey’s LR Presets ($20 value)
– 2014 Collection of Trey’s LR Presets ($20 value)
– Capture of the Photo Edit & Q&A Session
– Several of Trey’s RAW files to work along with
– Access to the Stuck in Customs clubhouse





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2 Responses to Trey Ratcliff Lightroom Tutorial on special

  1. coolquilting says:

    thanks…I bought Trey’s tutorial before I had Lightroom(don’t ask me why!!) and forgot about it…thanks for the reminder…Since I now have LR I will have to look at it..and lucky you to have been able to attend a workshop…

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes since he moved to NZ there is all sorts of exciting stuff happening but most of it I seriously cannot afford, but the workshop was excellent. It completely made me rethink the benefits of post pro, and in fact put me on the journey that has me doing the One Four challenge really đŸ™‚

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