Lightroom 6 is now released

After a long anticipated wait LR6 has been released a few days ago.  I follow Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen, and she has a LONG blog post about all the new features and everything you need to know.

The important things from my POV are:

– if you already own standalone versions on your PC you can still buy/upgrade those – but Adobe make it IMPOSSIBLE to find, but Victoria has the details on the link below

– I’m in NZ and I couldn’t buy it online but if you find a link to the real time chat, the people on the other end are AWESOME and really helpful, and I was able to buy my copy that way

– LR6 now has built in panorama features and I am really excited about that as I have several pano shots I have never processed because of the added level of difficulty

– LR6 is supposed to be a lot faster too

– if you bought LR5 sometime in the last few weeks, check with Adobe as you might qualify for a free upgrade

– there are new books and training courses for LR6 all over the place!

– there are improvement to editing functions with ND Grad filter esp, where you can mask out bits (like trees or mountains) that would normally have been effected – quite excited about that too!

Mine is installing now, quite excited!  Stay tuned for hopefully some previously unseen pano images to be posted!


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9 Responses to Lightroom 6 is now released

  1. I have Creative Cloud so was able to automatically download the upgrade. It is faster – though I am having problems with my colour calibration on this computer. I dropped a whole cup of coffee on my other computer which then died. So now I have my son’s computer – he has ordered the new MacBook. The specs are better so I can use Photoshop without it crashing. Have fun with the new Lightroom.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yeah computers and coffee don’t play well with each other, will insurance cover it? Good you can now use PS without it crashing for a change.

      It was a bit of a mission to get it, after I ordered it last night I couldn’t download the install file til this morning but it’s going now

  2. Leanne Cole says:

    I am finding it slower, maybe it is my computer, but it feels like I have to wait an age for things to happen.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes I wondered about that, Adobe says performance is faster in one. Bit but then GPU usage is now introduced and it can be slow. I did a test of the pano feature and it did a pretty good job

  3. sariscorner says:

    I think I know what I will do today then 🙂 I just yesterday put together my first panorama in PS and it worked pretty well I am curious how it will work in LR. The ND filter feature sounds awesome as well!

    • lensaddiction says:

      The masking out the bits of the filter you DONT want to apply is really helpful esp with ND grad when you have pointy bits (mountains trees etc) in the way. I can see myself using that a lot! Good luck with the upgrade

  4. leecleland says:

    Soon we won’t need to do anything in Photoshop, it will all be there in Lightroom ! Love that the Pano saves as a PSD file not TIFF or jpg so you can tweak after merging.

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